Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Power of Gratitude

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beautiful weather that Spring is bringing. I want to say something that I’ve been wanting to say for a while, which involves sending you all gifts. If you have not already read or listened to one of Eckhart Tolle’s books, I want to mail you a copy of one that is continuing to help me see the world in new and inspiring ways: “Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from The Power of Now.”

Just email me your mailing address and indicate whether you want the book or the audio book. I will mail you a copy free of charge for you to share amongst your friends. I know many of you will be reluctant to accept this offer, so just consider it me loaning it to you for an undefined period of time, like Net Flix or the library or a no obligation free trial offer (if you’re not satisfied, return it and pay nothing ;) It is great stuff and I want everyone to be a part of the experience.

Now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to share with you a quote from the book I’ve been going on about (Practicing the Power of Now).

“[M]any people are waiting for prosperity, but it can not come in the future. When you honor, acknowledge, and fully accept your present reality – where you are, who you are, what you are doing right now – when you fully accept what you have got, you are grateful for what is, grateful for Being. Gratitude for the present moment and the fullness of life now is true prosperity. It cannot come in the future. Then, in time, that prosperity manifests for you in various ways.”

This speaks volumes about the power of gratitude, which I have mentioned in a previous post. What it also does, is illustrates the essence of the Law of Attraction, which has been getting a lot of media attention of late. If you want more things in your life to be grateful for, then you need to be grateful for what you have now. Soon you will be given more reasons to be truly grateful. Said another way, if you want something, ‘be’have as if you already have it and it will be yours.

With this in mind, I would also like to share with you a very powerful gratitude experiment. It is amazing how powerfully just feeling grateful can be, and so you can see for yourself I have included something called the “Ecstasy and the Heart” exercise below. It will explain what to do in detail as I have included it in it’s entirety.

If at first something to be grateful for does not come to you, here are a few things I like to use just to get the gratitude flowing. I am grateful to be alive today, grateful my heart is pumping, grateful for all of my family members, grateful for having a roof over my head, grateful for everything I have ever experienced, grateful for all of the friends I have, grateful for being who I am, grateful for Being, etc. You don’t need to go through a list, but if you do the following exercise I think you will feel great and want to do it more and more. Feel free to share how it feels. I hope you enjoy.
Take care,

Ecstasy and the Heart
Hathor Channeling
We wish to speak with you in this section concerning the generation of ecstasy through focusing on the heart. We do not speak of the heart chakra in this instance, but rather we refer to the physical heart, the heart muscle itself.

This technique involves your focus, or attention, joined with the emotion of gratitude, or appreciation—which ever you prefer to use.

As soon as you focus your attention on the heart, you may notice a flow of subtle energy.

From our perspective, your focus of attention operates much like the central point of an energy vortex. This is especially true within your physical body and the field surrounding your body—your energy field—what the ancients called the aura.

Your ability to create a focus of attention is not just a cerebral, or brain, activity. It is an activity on many levels of consciousness. Wherever you place you attention within your body, or within the energy field of your body, there is an immediate flow of subtle energy to that point, or area, which has an enlivening effect upon the cells of your body, and/or the luminous light fibers that comprise your energy body.

Your focus, indeed, creates a warping effect at the subatomic levels, what you might call quantum field effects. These field-effects create distinct flows of energy, geometry and harmonics within you.

To alter the quantum field through the power of your focus is an important ability we urge you to master. Its applications are numerous, the cultivation of ecstasy being just one of them.

In this method, you use this ability to hold focus or attention, joined with the emotion of appreciation or gratitude. These two emotions have a coherent effect upon your energy field and upon the rhythmic magnetic emanations of your physical heart. This combination of focus and coherent emotion can be used to generate high states of ecstasy.

As we have said previously, the generation of ecstatic states of consciousness is an important evolutionary catalyst. We strongly suggest that you learn to create states of ecstasy throughout your day.

We realize that, for many of you, your daily life may not be conducive to the cultivation of such states, but we urge you to find times throughout your day where you can practice attaining these states for at least a few minutes at a time. A little bit of time spent in ecstasy is better than no time at all.

This practice will set up a harmonic or a relationship with the Earth, as a conscious living being, and with the harmonic waves of catalytic evolution that are flowing through your galaxy.

In this technique you focus your attention on the physical heart. As you focus your attention on this area, you generate the feeling of appreciation or gratitude. It is not the thought of appreciation or gratitude—but rather the emotion. In this method, thought will not activate the subtle energies needed to generate ecstasy—only feeling is capable of activating the energy vortices within you.

As you focus on the physical heart and generate the feeling of appreciation, or gratitude, a waveform of energy begins to flow throughout the body—carried by the magnetic fields of the heart, which emanate outward from the physical heart to encompass your entire body. As the flow of energy begins throughout the body, there is a spontaneous arising of ecstasy—cellular ecstasy.

Experiment with this technique. Sense what happens in your body as you focus upon your heart and generate these feelings of appreciation and gratitude. Physically feel what seems to be happening at the cellular level as the one trillion (or so) cells of your body receive this coherent energy of gratitude or appreciation.

Once you have established the ability to create ecstasy as described above, and once you are able to generate ecstasy whenever you desire it—at will—begin to experiment with your energy field—what some call the subtle energy body.

In working with this method your attention is, again, on the heart, generating feelings of appreciation and gratitude. And as you sense ecstasy beginning to arise in your body, you shift your attention to the field around your body. This field of energy looks very much like a luminous egg when viewed clairvoyantly. The wide part of this luminous egg shape is up around the shoulders and the more narrow part is around the feet. There is a central line or axis that runs through the center of this field, and it happens to also run through the center of your physical body—through the top of the head and down through the perineum. This line is the central axis of the magnetic field that comprises the subtle energy body. This body, or field, extends above the head and below the feet a few inches, to a several feet, or even yards. In certain highly charged energy states, the axis and subtle energy body can expand much farther than that.

By shifting your attention to this central axis and to the field surrounding your body, you allow the ecstasy to move out from the physical body into the field. This is very positive and creates powerful harmonic patterns that bring you into resonance with the waveforms of accelerated evolution that are flowing through your galaxy.

Do not underestimate the powers of this technique. Though it is very simple, it is profound and effective. It will bring you into a higher state of resonance and vibration. And this is, from our perspective, crucial in order to pass through the energetic portals and transformational energies that your Earth is now experiencing and will continue to experience.

There are things we would like to say to you about your nature and your destiny, but they would, most likely, not be understood by you unless you are, at the very least, in a state of ecstasy.

This is because the reference point for consciousness is established not only by belief, but also by one's emotional harmonics. And without you being in a state of ecstasy, it would be like trying to describe a sunrise to a blind person who does not have the ability to directly perceive what you are talking about. To such a person it would be a make-believe world you are describing. But if suddenly this person could see, he or she could sense the sun directly and verify that your description of the world was accurate. And what was once deemed to be in the realm of myth will now be seen as real.

And so we leave you in this moment with what may seem like a myth, but which we hold as self-evident. You are creator beings in the midst of creating your future and the future of generations yet to come. You hold within your heart a key to the Mystery of Mysteries. And the threshold, the opening into this mystery is through your capacity to enter ecstasy. Be bold and find your path, your way of living upward into this elevated state of being. Do know, however, the ecstasy is not the end of the way. It is simply the beginning.

Try the method we have laid out for you here. Experiment with the methods we have given earlier and that we will give in the near future. Enter ecstasy whenever you can. Know that when do so, you enter into communion with all the elevated beings and masters who have served and who are serving humanity. Know that when you do so, you enter into communion with your Self.

In joy and laughter.
The Hathors
©copyright Tom Kenyon, All Rights Reserved, 2005
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Guns, abortion, drugs, ego

I hope all of you all are doing well. I wanted to let you know, in case my last email left you wondering, I am still working on being fully present and aware. It is very easy to get sucked back into the old way of life because it has thirty years of momentum behind it. But I am celebrating the successes I have and making progress.

It has been a very long time since I wrote anything of a political nature, though that is what I spent a great deal of time doing before epilepsy changed my life's course a few years ago. However, after I received a recent invitation from one of the the Asheville Citizen Times editors on the subject of gun control, it struck a chord that needed to be strummed. In case you're wondering, I'm on a list of people who has published a number of editorials and letters and we get invitations to write on various current events.

I thought this issue might provide a nice segway to a cause that is near and dear to me so I sent in an editorial (see below). I don't think they are going to run it, but I wanted to share it with others who might find themselves being sucked into the gun control debate all over again. Let me know what you think either at the blog (http://compassion-blog.blogspot.com/) or via email.
Take care,

After the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, the gun control debate has been forced back into the limelight. Those calling for stricter gun laws have very pure intentions. They want to save lives and they see stricter laws as a means to that end. However, these same individuals also tend to be on the pro choice side of the abortion debate. Not because they see abortion as the preferred method of birth control, but because they know that outlawing abortion will not make abortion go away. If abortion were made illegal in this country, a huge black market of underground clinics would open with no regulatory oversight. The number of do it yourself procedures would also increase dramatically. That may or may not mean fewer abortions (there would be no way to know) but the mortality rate of mothers in need of an abortion would certainly go up.

A similar thing happens when we make guns harder to get. The black market for gun traffickers grows dramatically. Where there is a will there is a way, even if there is a law against it. One can only debate as to whether stricter gun laws would have prevented the Virginia Tech massacre, but I suspect he would have found a gun one way or another (people with criminal intentions tend to be quite determined). In fact, being forced into black market venues opens up whole new worlds of outlawed firearms to choose from.

What we have now is a regulated gun market that requires certain conditions be met before someone can purchase a gun. It doesn’t guarantee that individuals will obtain the gun legally or that they will not commit a crime with a gun they obtain legally. What it does do is prevents us from starting another black market war we can not win, like the current war on drugs. The war on drugs costs our nation tens of billions of dollars a year and results in untold number of deaths on both sides.

In short, if you want to focus your energy on saving lives in the wake of this tragedy, start at the source of the problem: the Ego. Ego is the source of all of the pain and suffering in the world. Our ego is what makes us believe we are right and those who disagree are wrong. It makes us blame others for our unhappiness and try to escape blame for anything that goes wrong. It makes us feel like victims of others. It causes us to project our feelings onto others and take everything projected onto us personally. It also lashes out at others who threaten our way of life or who do something to cause us pain. Thus, it creates a continuous cycle that feeds our ego just the right levels of righteous indignation and/or self pity. The only real difference is that some people have very strong egos, which lend toward physical violence (directed outward or inward), and others have weaker egos, which tend toward psychological attacks (directed outward or inward).

Once you realize the power ego currently has over all of us, you realize that you no longer have to be its victim. You no longer have to find someone to blame when something goes wrong. You see that we are all victims of not knowing any better when we are acting out of ego. You control whether you listen to it or not. This means your happiness is your choice and not someone else’s. Your misery is your fault, no one else’s. Ego transcendence is the way to free yourself and your fellow human beings of their misery.

If any of these words moved you in any way, either made you want to debate me and point out the ways in which I am wrong, or made you want to tell others about it, take the next step. Look up “Practicing the Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and see if there’s anything to all this ego talk. I can guarantee it will set you free.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The World Revolves Around Me

I’ve caught myself a few times lately doing something I think I have been doing all of my life (thanks to my increased level of mindfulness): Looking for reasons for everything. After finding myself doing it, I discovered why it is I seem to always be looking for reasons. The bottom line of the search seems to be to find something to blame (call it attribute if you like) for that phenomena. Or, possibly to escape blaming myself for that particular event. At first I thought I was just a pattern searcher, but then I realized that the pattern I was seeking had that common thread. I wanted to discover why something is the way it is so that I could rest assured that it’s not my fault.

Well, I don’t do that anymore. I have now come to the realization that the entire world already revolves around me. I am the cause behind every event in my life. These different forms that come into my awareness all day long are all being put there by me. And, they are being put there because they are exactly what I need to encounter in order to increase my level of awareness. For the past thirty plus years I have not been giving each event its due, but I am now.

Since I have no one else to blame for anything that happens to me, I am now free to use each life event to get me further down the path I am traveling, rather than getting bogged down in the search for ways to ensure I’m right and something else is wrong. A great weight has been lifted and I now see the world through different colored glasses. Ones that are not tinted by the film of self- rightfulness. I am now grateful for every event that happens to me knowing that there are no “bad” things.

When confronted by a difficult situation, I will be looking for the lessons I have not yet learned from countless previous encounters with that situation. I will be grateful for the opportunity to respond appropriately this time, and therefore grateful for everything that happens to me at every turn. I will also do my best to help others along if they are in need of help because that is ultimately what I feel drawn to do.

I will take every ache, pain, misstep, awkward moment, pause, negative emotion, naughty thought, as well as every peaceful moment or beautiful scene as a reminder to be present in this moment and practice acceptance for all that is. I will not judge myself harshly when I fail to live up to the high standard I have set and will treat myself compassionately if I find my mind wandering counterproductively. I will also treat others with that same level of compassion with which I treat myself, knowing that they too are human.

I will sit with and observe each negative emotion that occurs in my life from the standpoint of the observer behind my thoughts, because I know this to be the way to make negativity dissolve. For there are no negative situations, only negative thoughts about situations.

All of the pain and anger in the world is simply a mental position being perpetually fed by all that information we amass regarding who is to blame for what, while we maintain our own secure place of always being right. I am no longer afraid to be wrong and admit it even when I know I’m not, because I know that in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter. So what and big deal will be the things I say to the things that used to get me worked up, because I am the one who gave them power over me.

In short, I’m free at last, thank God almighty I’m free at last!

After I wrote that, I cried and laughed at the same time and felt too moved to go back and fix any typos. I hope you enjoy.

Peace, love, and happiness (they are yours if you want them)
I would like to say a special thank you to Eckhart Tolle for sharing his message with the world and doing it in such a simple and powerful way.